16th International Conference on Food Microbiology

16th International Conference on Food Microbiology going to be held on March 02-03, 2022 in Edinburgh, Scotland

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This conference provides the attendees a great opportunity to share their new ideas and advancing technologies that can be used in the field of Food Microbiology and Food Technology. The objective of this conference is to club the International Food science groups to investigate the key themes and difficulties that are faced in our field faces. The intension of this conference is "Investigating the on-going advances in Food Microbiology and Food Technology", which explores the on-going headway rather it could be extended to all potential ways which will be useful in advancement research in this arising field. As experts of the food microbiology field, researchers, and residents we need to cooperate to investigate the feasible outcomes and plan accordingly for the collective development of our science, its vital applications, and responsible practices. Food Technology can be utilized to advance the lifestyle of the world today. The major observation that's going to be observed is "The use of Molecular Approaches in all parts of current Food science field". This conference also emphasizes all the possible verticals of current research on microbes that have both beneficial and harmful effects on the safety and quality of foods and are thus a concern of public health.


This conference will focus on increasing challenges and their solutions, new concepts and approaches presented by different aspects of food microbiology from worldwide and nearby/territorial issues that are going to be faced in keeping the food hygiene and too food safety followed by the molecular approaches in all aspects of modern food microbiology.


This is the best chance to join hands with members from the Food Microbiology associations, Food Biotechnology Organizations, Food Microbiology Societies, and Food Science Academicians.

This conference impacts immensely on the new approaches in Food Microbiology and other technology in Food Sciences.

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