Dedicated to Supporting the Global Healthcare Provider & Patient Community is dedicated to supporting healthcare providers, educators and their allies with a comprehensive and customized network of digital portals for community development, research support, patient onboarding, patient management and much more.

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For Medical Practices provides Medical Practices & Health Networks with a comprehensive solution to accomplish the following:

  • Publicize your practice and research to thousands of healthcare providers and patients
  • Build and deploy customized onboarding workflows for patients and providers with guided document uploading, eSignatures and document management
  • Find medical events and educational opportunities to continue your professional growth
  • Gain access to Medical Practice management tools through integrations
  • Provide patients with a comprehensive tool for managing all of their health related documents from one place
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For Congresses & Summits provide event speakers, attendees and organizers with a wide range of tool that accomplish the following:

  • Introduce Congresses, Summits and other events to thousands of potential attendees and speakers through our portal directory
  • Content workflows provide event organizers with the tools to accept and review papers and speaker proposals
  • Use simple wizards to streamline attendee and speaker registration, presentation content delivery with automatically created Q&A forums.
  • Manage contracting with vendors and others stakesholders through eSignature contract management workflows
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For Educational Resources

Clinical teams are finding

  • Advertise your products and services across a range of digital events to reach target audiences
  • Use content engagement data generated by events to guide messaging
  • Network with thousands of Event Prooducers to find the right opportunities and develop sophisticated marketing plans.
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For Patient Support Communities provides the tools to quickly launch a patient support community:

  • Reach thousands of interested visitors through our vast network of public and private portals
  • Launch a portal, publish content and build custom registration pages in minutes with no technical skills needed
  • Use reporting and analytics to monitor engagement and determine the most relevant content for your audience.
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